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Flying True

A Post Serenity RPG

Flying True: A Serenity RPG
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Capt. Malcolm Reynolds: You think she'll hold together?
Zoë: She's torn up plenty, but she'll fly true.
Capt. Malcolm Reynolds: Likely to be a bumpy ride.
Zoë: Always is.

Flying True is a post-Serenity Firefly RPG. That means that although we will try to stick to canon as much as we can, things have changed since the tv show and movie are now passed. The name of the RP comes from the above quotes between Mal and Zoe at the end of the movie.

Patience, Fanty and Mingo, Haven, a lot of the people the crew new and worked with are gone, killed by the operative. Things are changing now because of Mal broadcasting the signal. Amid all this, Wash and Book gone, and missed, while Serenity is trying hard to get back on its feet. Things are different now, Inara is back on the boat, and Simon has told Kaylee he loves her. He wants to be with her, yet still loving his sister. And still, they keep flying true.

1. Be a fan of Firefly and Serenity, ie, seen them both.
2. Keep IC and OOC seperate. Mods want to mod, not be rp police. But, if you have any questions, come to us.

Capt. Malcolm Reynolds: capt_tite_pants
Zoe Alleyne Washburn: damn_hero_zoe
Inara Serra: exotic_inara
Dr. Simon Tam: dr__simon
Jayne Cobb: vigotmanpartsv

In-Character Journal: flying_true_rpg
Out-of-Character Journal: flytruerpg_ooc